Insurance Claim Questions

Insurance is big business. Profitability is directly related to controlling expenses; your claim is no exception!

Do Insurance companies employ adjusters to represent consumers?

No! Insurance companies do not hire adjusters to represent you. The adjusters they send out work only for the insurance company. They do not prepare your claim. All insurance policies state the consumer / policy holder must prove their loss. What do you do if you have a difference of opinion with the insurance adjuster? This is where Mid-West Assessors knows your rights!

Is an insurance policy a guarantee that a consumer will receive what they are entitled to?

No! An insurance policy is a contract, making it subject to interpretation and negotiation. How a claim is interpreted and negotiated directly affects the amount of money you will receive. Simply put, Mid-West Assessors will ensure that you receive your full entitlements.

My insurance company says we are fully covered and we don’t need a public loss assessor; the company will take care of everything!

Stop! If you were in the market for a new car, whose opinion would you value most! The sales person selling the car or the mechanic who knows the inner details of the car? Both have dealing with the same car but from different perspectives. Mid-West Assessors will always view the claim from your perspective!

Claims are filed every day without public loss assessors, why should I use one?

It is true the many individuals and organisations don’t use the services of a public loss assessor, much the same way they don’t call on the skills of a tax accountant when filing tax returns. You should use a public loss assessor because, like Tax accountants, public loss assessors are experts in their field and while you may be able to lodge a claim, can you be sure you can achieve the best possible result for you and your family?